Pulse Social

Life. Social again.

Life. Social Again.

PulseSocial’s dream was to be a platform for users and event promoters to create, share, and attend events in their area. One of the main project goals was to not only allow for easy event creation and ticket purchasing, but to also allow for interaction between event attendees without the need to friend/follow first. Their goal was to be an extension of the live experience and not a replacement for it.

Clean User Experience

Our goal was to create an application with a beautiful, functional user experience that makes it a snap to sign up, sign in and connect with others.

Create Events. Get Paid.

Anyone can easily attend and create events using the application. Advanced promoter tools make it easy to create events, set ticket availability and pricing, and collect earnings. Promoters can assemble a team of other promoters from the user base and share their earnings with their team.