Continuing Education Course

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that all used motor vehicle dealers complete a Continuing Education program every two years. This course covers instruction on the subjects mandated by the DMV and State of California contained in the pre-licensing elements in order to maintain or renew a license. The DMV permits dealers the option of completing the continuing education program by taking an online course or, through an approved home study program. Unlike the pre-licensing course, the continuing education course is condensed to only 4 hours. The purpose of the course is to refresh a dealers knowledge on the rules and regulations of the automotive sales industry.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers a Continuing Education Exemption to those wholesaler-only dealers who sell less than 50 vehicles during the 12-month period prior to the date of their application for exemption. This exemption excuses the mandatory 4-hour continuing education requirement for license renewals. The exemption is valid for the two-year renewal term.

The online program, including the testing, is set up to be a four-hour course. The course allows you to work at your own pace however, enabling one to finish much earlier or later. The computer will remember which sections you have completed in case you would like to break anytime during the course and resume at a later time. There are no limits on login and you can come back multiple times without any restrictions. You can complete the course from anywhere you'd like, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The online course is complete when one has read all sections of the course and completed the 40 multiple-choice exam with at least a 70% passing rate. Don't worry about getting wrong answers as the system will point you to those that were incorrect giving you the opportunity to redo the question with the correct answer.

We will receive instant notification at our offices of your completion of the online course. Your certificate of completion will then be mailed within 24 hours. We schedule drops at the post office multiple times a day to ensure that you receive your certificate as soon as possible. We do offer Federal Express overnight shipping for an additional charge upon request. Tracking number will be e-mailed to the contact information provided during sign up.

The cost of our online course is only $49.99. This is a substantial savings and added convenience over our in person course. Enjoy taking the course at your own pace and the convenience of you own home. The course must be taken by the owner or a manager that holds a current salesperson's license. We strongly recommend that the owner of the dealership take the course. A designated manager can take the course but, must provide their salesperson's license number and expiration date in order to receive credit.